Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Collection Highlight: My Gaming Collection So Far

My Gaming Space!

Hey guys and welcome to another collection post! Today I wanted to share with you my collection so far, please look forward to future collection highlights where I go in to detail about specific items. So here's a few pictures of my gaming collection as well as my gaming space! I hope you enjoy it.


This has to be my favorite display in my collection next to my recent generation games and Blurays... I plan to expand this shelf with more models from the Metal Gear series as I purchase them. Mainly a Metal Gear Rex model and mechas from the Peace Walker Metal Gear title.

Bookshelf Numero Uno!
Here's the first bookshelf in my collection that houses many of my current and past generation games as well as a shelf dedicated to Nintendo =)
Humble PS3/PS4/Film Shelf

 Again Another shot of my favorite shelf... I know I have Issues =/.

The Nintendo Shelf!

I'm a huge fan of Nintendo and the games that they produce will always have a special place in my heart. That's why a whole shelf is dedicated to GameCube, Wii & Wii U titles.

MGS Demo!!

The second bookcase in my collection tends to display my older titles and merchandise mainly PSone, N64, Saturn and SNES games.

Crawl On The Ground... Like The Snake You Are!

Here Vulcan Raven helps me out and watches my collection whilst I sleep just in case somebody breaks in!

I'll Continue to add to my collection and probably do this kind of story a few times a year so you guys can see the progression of my collection... I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to see your collections! Or hear about what things you like to collect yourself... Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know =)

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